1 /faIn/ adjective
1 ALL RIGHT especially spoken
a) good enough; all right: “I could make you some dinner if you like.” “It's okay, a sandwich is fine, thanks.” | This apartment is fine for two, but it gets very cramped with your mother here. | I'm fine: “More coffee?” “No, I'm fine, thanks.”
b) healthy: “How are you?” “Fine, thanks.” | “Is your wife better now?” “Oh, she's fine.”
2 VERY GOOD of a very high quality or standard: Many people regard Beethoven's fifth symphony as his finest work. | There is some fine architecture in the old city. | fine bone china | fine wine
3 GRAND (usually before a noun) grand, expensive, better than others of the same kind: A tall woman in fine clothes got out of the carriage. | the fine ladies and gentlemen who frequent the elegant restaurants of Paris
4 NOT GOOD informal used when you really think that something is not good or satisfactory at all: “Now's a fine time to tell me!” he fumed. | That's a fine mess you've got us into!
5 WEATHER not raining, perhaps with the sun shining: If it's fine tomorrow we'll go out. | It was a fine evening.
6 THIN very thin: This thread's very fine - it's difficult to see. | a fine coating of dust
a) involving differences, changes, or details that are difficult to understand or notice: the finer points of policy detail | the fine tuning on the radio | Scientists are now able to measure fine distinctions between levels of sleep depth.
b) in small grains, pieces, or drops: fine sugar | fine drizzle
8 NET having small holes: a fine mesh
9 IDEAS/SPEECHES too grand and probably not true or unlikely to have any effect: It's all very well politicians making fine speeches, but they never get anything done.
10 a fine/woman/person a good person that you have a lot of respect for: Your father is a fine man, a real gentleman,
11 that's/it's fine by me used to say that you agree to something: “I thought we could go out to eat.” “That's fine by me.”
12 fine features someone with fine features has a small and attractively-shaped nose, mouth etc
13 finer feelings/qualities etc feelings, qualities etc such as love, honour, loyalty and kindness
14 a fine figure of a man/woman someone who looks big, strong and physically attractive: Vellios was a fine figure of a man.
15 a fine line if you say that there is a fine line between two different things, you mean that there is a point at which one can easily become the other: There's a fine line between bravery and recklessness.
16 not to put too fine a point on it often humorous used when you are criticizing something in a plain and direct way: That's a real yobs' pub - not to put too fine a point on it.
17 sb's finest hour an occasion when someone is extremely successful and proud of their achievement
2 interjection used to agree to a suggestion: “I'll see you at eight then.” “Okay. Fine.” 3 adverb
1 spoken in a way that is satisfactory: “How's it going?” “Fine, thanks.” | The technician has been to fix it and it works fine now.
2 if you cut something fine, you cut it very thin or in very small pieces
3 do fine spoken
a) to be good enough or be satisfactory: We don't need to get her anything expensive - a calendar will do fine.
b) to do something well or in a satisfactory way: “I can't draw this.” “You're doing fine! Don't give up now.”
4 sth will do me/us fine BrE spoken used to say that something is satisfactory or good enough: Chips'll do me fine, darling.
5 cut it fine informal to leave yourself only just enough time to do something
4 verb (T) to make someone pay money as a punishment : fine sb for doing sth: She was fined $50 for passing a stopped school bus. fine sth down BrE to improve something by making it thinner, smaller, or more exact 5 noun (C) money that you have to pay as a punishment: I got a -40 fine for speeding | heavy fine (=a fine that costs you a lot of money): There's a heavy fine for driving drunk. | parking/library fines etc: I forgot to return my books on time and paid $3 in library fines.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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